Franklin Adhesives & Polymers offers a wide variety of pressure sensitive adhesives for the label market. Franklin's label adhesives include Covinax adhesives and our line of repositionable microsphere adhesives, Micronax. The microspheres are much larger in size than the emulsion particles found in conventional adhesives, which form a discontinuous film that limits physical contact, resulting in low peel, removability and stable tack over time.

These products are designed for various end-use applications, including shelf marking, cold temperature, frozen food, no-look, safety, durable goods and specialty labels. Our high performing products are ideal for applications where features like ultra-clear films, recycling compatibility, and freezer grade/cold temperature application are necessary. These adhesives have varying degrees of peel, tack and shear to meet specific requirements for your label needs.
Covinax 169-04 – Permanent, best suited for packaging applications
Covinax 211-02 – Smooth, non-tearing removable
Covinax 234-01 – Resealable & APE-free adhesive with water blush resistance
Covinax 258-00 – Freezer-grade permanent adhesive
Covinax 258-04 – Freezer-grade permanent adhesive
Covinax 289-01 – APE-free, all temperature adhesive
Covinax 289-79 – Excellent low surface energy adhesion
Covinax 295-01 – Tackified adhesive for cold temperature applications
Covinax 324-00 – General purpose adhesive for labels
Covinax 324-39 – Recycling compatible with good low temperature adhesion

Covinax 370-01 – Best suited for packaging applications
Covinax 377-00 – High performance shear and plasticizer resistant adhesive

Covinax 379-05 – Recycling compatible permanent with excellent adhesion to tightly curved surfaces 
Covinax 383-19 – Permanent adhesive often used for durable labels; approved BS 5609 adhesive
Covinax 386-07 – Best suited for clear film laminations
Covinax 424-39 – APE-free, general purpose permanent adhesive
Covinax 525-08 – High performance permanent adhesive 
Covinax 525-78 – General purpose permanent adhesive 
Micronax 241-01 – Microsphere adhesive, ultra-removable, repositionable
Micronax 250-00 – High solids microsphere adhesive, ultra-removable, permanently repositionable