Kudos to Our Lab on This Breakthrough Adhesive Technology

Aug-13-2014 | Comments: 1 | Posted In: Adhesives & Polymers | Posted By: Todd Hunt
We want to give credit where it’s due: Everyone in the R&D lab who worked on the new Covinax 234-01, step into the limelight and take a bow for developing an incredible pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) that is sure to open some new possibilities for customers that seek this exceptional combination of performance characteristics.

Covinax 234-01 offers those of you in converting and packaging a PSA that stays clear, peels clean and re-adheres – again and again. Expose it to UV and moisture; it’s still crystal-clear. Peel it off a window, and the glass is clean. And you can peel and re-stick it repeatedly, without any adhesive build-up. None.

Even better, this PSA technology adheres all of those times to a variety of substrates, including polypropylene and polyethylene films and vinyl polystyrene, as well as to other low-surface-energy (LSE) materials. The combination of clarity, ability to adhere – and re-adhere – to many surfaces make it the clear solution for myriad applications, from decals to window graphics, food packaging to specialty tapes. You can either direct or transfer coat it, too, for added application versatility.

You can even put this Covinax product in a freezer or near a kitchen sink. Because it offers high resistance to low temperatures and water-whitening, it adheres in cold, wet environments. It also is compliant to FDA 21 CFR 175.105, for food packaging.

It’s safe for use in the kitchen – and for the environment, period. Like all of our PSA products, Covinax 234-01 is water-based; it’s also APE and formaldehyde-free.

Yes, we believe our R&D team deserves some applause here. But after that, they are back in the lab, testing our newest PSA for your application.

And working on an encore.


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