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Franklin Adhesives & Polymers’ new Advantage EP-980 is approved by the ICC-ES in evaluation report ESR-3845 and meets the requirements of Norma CH2148, the standard for residential use in Chile. It is easy to use, cures quickly, works well across a wide temperature range during and after production and offers excellent heat, water and solvent resistance.


Franklin Adhesives & Polymers, a leading name in adhesives for the manufacture of wood components, has developed a high-performing emulsion polymer isocyanate system (EPI) – Advantage EP-980 – specifically for use in the manufacture of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) comprised of various facing materials with EPS core.


The new Advantage EP-980 is approved by the ICC-ES in evaluation report ESR-3845 and meets the requirements of Norma CH2148, the standard for residential use in Chile. It surpasses the SIPS producer’s expectations for ease of use and superior performance, too. 


Advantage EP-980 can be hand mixed or used in standard meter mix systems that integrate with roll-coating equipment for SIPS production. It works well on conventional cold-press equipment. 

In addition, this EPI system greatly simplifies production. It provides excellent spreader stability, is low foaming and offers a long working time and pot life, reducing adhesive waste. Its quick cure rate shortens press time, increasing productivity. The ability to clean up residual adhesive with water when wet also lessens production time and costs. 

EPI technology is ideal for SIPS production. It has a low minimum film-formation temperature, which allows it to be used over a wide range of conditions before, during and after production. The technology crosslinks a standard water-based emulsion with isocyanate to create a strong urethane bond that provides superior water, heat and solvent resistance. 

Advantage EP-980 emulsion is mixed with Hardener 200, a polymeric isocyanate, at 100 parts emulsion to 15 parts hardener. The EPI system has no added formaldehyde.
“Franklin Adhesives & Polymers is thrilled to bring our expertise in adhesive technologies, honed over decades serving the wood products industry, to SIPS manufacturing,” said Josh Bartlett, structural market manager, North America. “SIPS will play an ever-expanding role in the future of residential and light commercial construction, and we look forward to partnering with SIPS producers to meet market demand for strong, reliable panels.”

In addition to Advantage EP-980 for SIPS assembly, Franklin offers Advantage EP-950A for the production of structural wood components. Many other wood adhesives, available under the brand names Advantage, Assembly, Multibond, Reactite and Titebond, are available for industrial wood products ranging from furniture and windows to flooring and cabinets. More information on these adhesives is available at www.FranklinAdhesivesandPolymers.com.





About Franklin International: Established in 1935, Franklin International is among the largest privately held manufacturers of adhesives and sealants in the U.S. The company employs approximately 400 at its headquarters, laboratory and plant, in Columbus, Ohio; eight U.S. distribution centers; and a plant in Guangzhou, China. Franklin provides local support to customers domestically and globally through a network of 75 independent sales representatives and direct field sales associates. The company maintains two divisions: the Construction Division manufactures Titebond-brand wood glues, construction adhesives, sealants and flooring products, and Franklin Adhesives & Polymers provides adhesives for wood product assembly, filter assembly, and tapes, labels and graphics.

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