Franklin Adhesives and Polymers offers a line of water resistent, heat resistent, and high performance adhesives made specifically for the manufacture of windows and doors.

Windows and Doors

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers’ industrial adhesives for the window and doors industry

We’re proud of Franklin Adhesives & Polymers’ experience in adhesive technology and our polymer emulsion capabilities. Our vast knowledge of windows and doors provides the strong foundation to serve the industry. Over the years, we’ve designed high-performance adhesives for countless window and door applications throughout North America. Our Advantage product line is second to none in the window and door industry. Manufacturers can expect water resistance, heat resistance and high performance in our adhesives designed specifically for the manufacture of windows and doors.

Our commitment to ongoing research and product development results in innovative products created to meet evolving industry needs and environmental concerns. We pride ourselves on offering products that are backed by independent laboratory certification according to leading U.S. and international performance standards.


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Families of adhesives for the windows and doors industry:

Advantage family          Multibond family