Franklin Adhesives & Polymers’ Advantage family of products

Advantage Family

Applications: Assembly, Edge and Face, Finger Joint, Laminating

Industries: Cabinets, Furniture and Subcomponents, Windows and Doors


Franklin Adhesives & Polymers’ Advantage family of products features high-performance one- and two-component cross-linking PVA adhesives, offering water resistance and versatility of application. Typical uses include edge and face gluing, hot press veneering, hot press lamination, plywood, exterior grade finger joint stock and manufacture of door and window parts.

Specific attributes of the Advantage family include:

  • Water-resistant products that meet or exceed the following industry standards: ANSI/HPVA Type I & II, ASTM 5572 and 5751 Dry and Wet Use
  • Multi-purpose adhesives offering superior performance in radio frequency applications
  • Equally as versatile for use in hot press and finger joint equipment
  • Superior durability to withstand domestic and international transport conditions (exposure to high temperature and humidity)
  • Some of the highest-performing products on the market
  • Easy to extrude and have good finger coverage
  • Excellent choice for exterior end-use applications or interior end-use radio frequency gluing
  • Specialized products that prevent bleed-through, even with thin, porous veneers


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