Franklin Adhesives & Polymers offers a selection of repositionable adhesives

Repositionable Adhesives

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers offers a selection of repositionable adhesives. Many of these products are designed for specific microsphere applications. Some microsphere applications include sticky notes, advertisement applications, custom-size adhesive papers and more.

Microspheres are tiny particles measuring between 10 and 250 microns in diameter. Although they are microscopic in size, these spheres are still much larger than the emulsion particles found in conventional adhesives. The size difference has a dramatic impact on adhesive tack. By forming a discontinuous film, microsphere adhesives limit physical contact, resulting in low peel, removability and stable tack over time. Emulsion adhesives, on the other hand, use smaller particles, which coalesce into a continuous film and do not allow for easy removal or repositioning.
A repositionable adhesive allows a label to be repositioned without damage to either the label or the substrate. Many applications require that the adhesive hold the label firmly in place, yet does not leave residue behind when the label is removed.


Micronax 241-01 - Microsphere adhesive, ultra-removable, repositionable
Micronax 250-00 - High solids microsphere adhesive, ultra-removable, permanently repositionable