Franklin’s acrylic polymer, called Acrynax


Franklin’s acrylic polymer, called Acrynax, is a technically advanced product that can be used as a PSA or as an additive, blended with other polymers. As a leader in specialty products for the bulk adhesives industry, we are proud to offer Acrynax, a polymer so advanced, so unique, that it is becoming a preferred alternative to ordinary water-based and solvent-based PSA. With 100 percent solid acrylic polymers like Acrynax, the amount of polymer you purchase is the amount you use. You will not pay high adhesive costs for solvents that you eventually have to dispose of or reclaim. You will not have to pay high fuel costs to run ovens to dry off water. And since there is no waste or polluting VOCs, 100 percent solid acrylics PSA are an environmentally friendly alternative that will reduce your overall coated-product costs.

These products are thermally stable at the suggested application temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. They simplify the coating process and eliminate the need for expensive drying equipment, energy, and time needed for the drying process, so your product can be packaged in mere seconds after application. This short curing time allows for much higher coating speeds than either solvent-based or water-based adhesives.

Acrynax polymers have excellent water, solvent, U.V. and plasticizer resistance. They are optically clear, tested to be “skin friendly” and possess excellent die-cutability. All Acrynax polymers are solvent-free and environmentally friendly. They are offered in both a medical and industrial grade.




An acrylic hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive can be described as a homogeneous elastomeric polymer that feels, or becomes, tacky, or sticky, when pressure is applied to it. We offer three commercially available linear acrylic polymers and one cross-linked acrylic polymer. These are offered in a medical and industrial grade. The industrial grade has slightly higher residual monomer content.  Both grades are solvent-free. These polymers are all based on the same monomeric constituents but are differentiated by their molecular weight distribution. The polymers with the higher the molecular weights have the higher the viscosity. Our higher viscosity polymers, Acrynax 11588 and Acrynax 11891, also have higher shear strength. The lower molecular weight polymer, Acrynax 4326, has higher peel strength, quick stick and loop tack values. The cross-linked polymer Acrynax 11891 offers the best overall blend of performance properties, i.e., shear, tack, peel and cold flow resistance. This property also imparts greater plasticizer resistance to the cross-linked polymers than the linear ones. The cross linked polymer is thermally stable and does not advance in viscosity when held at temperatures of less than 375 degrees Fahrenheit for extended periods of time.

Acrynax 4326
– High peel and tack permanent adhesive

Acrynax 10127
– High peel and tack permanent adhesive with reduced cold flow

Acrynax 11588 – Balanced peel, tack and shear properties

Acrynax 11891 – High peel and shear adhesive; permanently tacky