Franklin Adhesives & Polymers offers a broad selection of pressure sensitive adhesives for the tape market. These products are designed for various end-use applications, including masking tape, foam weather-stripping, medical, safety, and more. Our adhesives offer varying degrees of peel, tack and shear to meet specific requirements.

Franklin's pressure sensitive adhesives for tape boast qualities such as permanent, removable and hot melt adhesives, REACH compliance, blush resistance, plasticizer resistance and more. Our selection of products will provide you with a solution to your tape needs.
Acrynax 4326 – High peel and tack permanent adhesive
Acrynax 10127 – High peel and tack permanent adhesive with reduced cold flow
Acrynax 11588 – Balanced peel, tack and shear properties
Acrynax 11891 – High peel and shear adhesive; permanently tacky
Covinax 169-00 – General purpose adhesive, excellent on low surface-energy films
Covinax 169-04 – Permanent adhesive, best suited for packaging applications
Covinax 234-01 – Resealable & APE-free adhesive with water blush resistance
Covinax 289-79 – Excellent low surface energy adhesion
Covinax 377-00 – Tape and masking adhesive with plasticizer resistance
Covinax 383-19 – Permanent adhesive often used for durable labels; approved BS 5609 adhesive